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Geotechnical Engineering

The Kling Consulting Group, has staff experience dating back to 1986, is a full service geotechnical and geologic consulting firm to provide timely and cost effective professional services. KCG's professional staff consists of Registered Geotechnical Engineers, Registered Civil Engineers, Registered Geologists and Certified Engineering Geologists. This blend of professionals is capable of addressing any or your geotechnical engineering or testing needs. Examples of our capabilities include:

Foundation Engineering

Expert Witness Testimony

Settlement Analysis

Subdivision Design

Seismic Assessments

Earthquake Engineering

Seismic Analysis

Slope Stability Analysis

Mass Grading Design

Planned Community Design

Construction Testing/Observation

Hillside Grading

Liquefaction Evaluation

Pavement Design


Pile Foundation Design

Geotechnical Risk Assessment

Pavement Evaluation

2nd and 3rd Party Review

Soil Testing

Distress Investigation

Landslide Stability Analysis

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